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Fluorescent fabrics are popular sneakers also have a brain

Issuing time:2017-06-29 10:09

Fluorescent fabrics go red

  Just like the perennial black dresses on the red carpet, once, on the green field, black sneakers are the number of melody. Nowadays, the stars have shifted to the spirited South America, and black sneakers are reduced to exclusive sneakers that only referees wear.

  "Now I wouldn't be surprised to see sneakers of any color." Made famous by the bite, Suarez is quite conservative in his choice of sneakers, "I've seen pink green in all colors, which was impossible when I was a kid, all shoes should be black."

  Thinking back to South Africa four years ago, when most players were still following the rules, the turnaround, starting with the 2012 European Championships - a little bit of color, like a bright flower blooming after the rain, gradually spread out on the grass. When it comes to Brazil, the color palette is like being tipped over, and several major sneaker companies offer a variety of color options for Brazil. Metallic purple, illusion purple, earthy green, golden yellow (looks like lemon yellow), and even the colorful fluorescent lizard print ...... all sound like summer smoothies on the feet of players.

  As post-90s players become the mainstream of the pitch, flaunting their individuality eager to show through everything, which is the main reason for the popularity of colored shoes. Adidas' soccer creative director Antonio revealed that shoes with color are popular with amateurs and young players, sales are generally up significantly, and the sneaker company's designs are seen as adapting to market demand and catering to consumer tastes. "This year's is like a fashion show." According to reports, more than 80% of Adidas' sneakers this spring and summer models come with bright colors.

  The preference for sneaker color and player field position also has a relationship, according to the survey, strong goalkeepers will be more inclined to more saturated traditional colors, while midfielders or forwards will prefer bright colors - a foot in the door, in addition to the soccer, drawing a bright arc and that sneaker. However, there are those who believe that brightly colored shoes are not suitable for players, "because the shoes are too solid, they have a little bit of offside, the assistant referee will be more likely to notice. And if you're wearing black sneakers, it doesn't matter if you go a little bit over the top."

  Sneakers have a brain too

  There have always been many "Forrest Gump" in soccer, who can't die, are physically fit, and move all over the field, and their strength of will is also an advantage. At that moment, the coach knew it was time for a change.

  At a time when electronic devices are becoming more and more intelligent, a soccer shoe called "brain" is making its debut in Brazil.

  The soccer cleat has a special groove in the sole to house the miCoach speed sensor. This sensor captures the player's 360° movements and records key indicators such as instantaneous speed, average speed, fast speed, number of sprints, distance travelled, distance travelled at high intensity levels, pace and stride rate, helping players and coaches to analyze on-field performance more accurately. Soccer shoes with chips can also capture the player's movements and cardio status, etc., and upload the data to a tablet computer through wireless, which can let the physical coach know the physical state of the player in time. In addition, England and other teams also enable a new software that can know the passing success rate of any player, the average number of shovels, etc.. Also, the software will provide relevant video clips to show the strengths and weaknesses of opposing players. In the era of big data, you don't have to fight to the death or get cramps in your feet, your good fitness and good footwork are known to the coach and the tablet.

  Player performance matters

  "Everyone should have a good pair of shoes, because those shoes will take you to wonderful places." This quote from the TV series "Meteor Garden" also applies to the players who are fighting on the field in Brazil. Style, technology, for a sneaker, these are after all the "external beauty". The bigger measure of a shoe is the performance of the owner on the field.

  Brazil's "one brother" Neymar's "earthy gold" obviously has not reached the realm of "good shoes". This pair of boots carrying the dream of Neymar's teenage sneakers shone in the first game of the knockout round. Neymar had his soccer shoes painted gold when he was a teenager, and this time Nike not only launched exclusive gold boots for him, but also thoughtfully designed a gold spray paint can and a sneaker pattern on the insole to show the story behind the design.

  But the "earthy gold" did not help Neymar to score in the 90 minutes of the game. Neymar, who switched back to the orange sneaker, scored the latter penalty to help Brazil beat Chile and advance to the last 8.

  Puma's mixed-color soccer shoes are not a good pair of shoes for many people. Italy's Balotelli, Spain's Cesc Fabregas, and Italy's Gianluigi Buffon all went home wearing the mismatched colors; and of course, Aguero and Dante will continue to run "one foot blue, one foot pink" towards the "good place".

  The one that seems to be close to being a "good shoe" is the Messi boot, although the shape of the shoe has been criticized and once called "cow" by fans. This black and white interlocking soccer shoe by Adidas is inspired by the face paint of the indigenous Brazilian warriors, and in addition to the black and white, the gold three bars are the few colored elements. Of course, the "Meitian" boots are exclusive because in addition to black, white and gold, they also include the blue element representing Argentina. Although the appearance is not cool enough, these boots have helped Meitian to score 4 goals, and all of them are crucial goals to decide the game.

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